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I promise I will post more soon. I’ve just been really tired and lazy. I’m sorry!

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Fourteenth Day in Ecuador (Cotopaxi)

I never made it to Cotopaxi. Our van wasn’t working due to the anti-theft system being so good that it wouldn’t let us start the van, so Freddy decided that we should start walking to Cotopaxi instead of wasting time. My cold had gotten much, much worse overnight, and I could immediately feel myself having trouble breathing. Long story short, I was felt very very sick before we had even made it to Cotopaxi so Freddy decided to send me home with another group who was staying at the hotel.


This is me, looking miserable with the driver in the background.

The people were all very nice, but it was the most awkward car ride of my life. I was put in the only spot left in the car, which was in the middle in the very front seat. I was a little squished, which I could deal with but I kept falling asleep and had no where for my head to go. So instead I kept jolting every which way and knocking into people in the car. My response time was also incredibly slow, so when people spoke to me it took me at least thirty seconds too long. When one of the men introduced himself to me as “Bond, James Bond” it took me a whole minute and a half to laugh at the joke.

But anyway, I made it back alright and took a very long nap. I felt well enough that night to go to dinner with everyone to Happy Mondays again, which was just as delicious the second time. Then the next day was the Galapagos!

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Welp, I obviously  didn’t end up having wifi on the boat. I have a ton of pictures to post. I’ll try to post about the weekend trip to Cotopaxi today, and start on the Galapagos tomorrow. 

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I will be in Cotopaxi tomorrow and Saturday, so there will be no more posts until Saturday night at the earliest. I might not get anything posted that soon, as I have to be in bed super early on Saturday in order to wake up super early to catch the plane to the Galapagos. I’ll update when I can. 

And by the way, I have a cold. I have to climb two mountains with this cold. I am going to die.

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Twelfth Day in Ecuador (Quito)

I honestly have no pictures today and I’m sorry about that. Today was just a really busy, exhausting day. I was incredibly tired all day from being out late last night, and I had a lot to do today in preparation for Cotopaxi tomorrow. 

The professors took a couple of us out to a fancy lunch (thanks!). It was incredibly good. We had a tomato, onion, and olive oil salad for an appetizer. I don’t normally like tomatoes, but this was actually really good. For our main meal, all three of us had Paella. Paella is a Spanish dish with saffron rice and tons of different kinds of seafood. It came out on a gigantic dish before it was served to us. Let me just say that if you ever get the chance, try this dish. It’s incredibly good. I couldn’t finish the whole thing because there was a lot of it, but it was fantastic. Dessert (I always have room for it, haha) was also very good. I’m not sure what it was called, but it was liquid chocolate with cinnamon, whipped cream, and nuts. SO GOOD.

I had to work on my homework when I got back, though Courtney and I managed to squeeze in some time to buy a couple of last minute things. Then more homework, packing, and dinner.

Today is my last full day in Quito! After this is Cotopaxi and the Galapagos. 

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